10 Copywriting Tips To Keep In Shape

A single word can paint a thousand pictures

  1. Be sure of exactly what you want to say. Clarity of thought aids clarity of writing.
  2. Think of who is going to read the copy. Picture a person reading it. Where will they be and what will they be reading it on?
  3. Consider why your reader is here. Remember they know little to nothing about you and what you do. What will they gain from reading what you have to say?
  4. Think of your key message. What is the single most important idea you want to convey to this person?
  5. Think of the supporting messages. Present these in order of importance after you have presented the key message.
  6. Consider your corporate style and identity. How does your message fit within this framework? How can you take advantage of your key corporate messages to support your own messages?
  7. Be concise and direct in your writing. Clarity of thought will help. Use shorter sentences and paragraphs of two or three sentences. Try to convey one message within one paragraph.
  8. Use headlines and subheadings to convey your key messages. Many people skim through commercial literature, reading only headlines and subheads. Call-out selected sentences/quotes that emphasise your key messages.
  9. Use jargon only when appropriate. Only use jargon if your audience understands and appreciates it. This is where a clear picture of your audience is essential.
  10. Write in the way you would speak to someone. When you have finished, read your copy aloud. If it doesn’t read in the same way you speak, amend it until it does.