Key Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing trends to expect over the coming year. Mobile is finally coming of age. Accordingly, the success of our brands will depend on advertisers’ ability to “work” mobile devices effectively.

Here are our predicted key mobile marketing trends for 2014.

Email will be optimised for mobile. As desktops continue to decline this year, expect email to become a mobile-first channel.

The “quantified self” is going mainstream. For example, shared data from a Nike+ band offers marketing insight into an individual’s physical activity preferences, providing the opportunity to present promotions for fitness gear and apparel.

AI will take off in retail. Personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri will be eclipsed by AI-powered assistants capable of proactively assisting and offering recommendations for users.

Facebook will improve its ad targeting with machine learning. Despite signs of a user decline, Facebook’s greatest advantage is an opportunity to become “smarter”, analysing “big data” to become a highly advanced marketing machine.

Facebook’s FBX will expand and go mobile. Facebook Exchange (FBX) offers opportunities for improved ad targeting and looks set to make the leap to mobile, offering the opportunity to move beyond the generic ads shown on the mobile version of the platform.