3 Ways To Engage Creatively

The dust barely settles after the Regatta before the Henley Festival takes hold. The Festival is a chance for artists to engage creatively with their audience. Athletes give way to artists and multi-coloured blazers become monochrome tuxedos.

The Henley Festival is a celebration of creativity in all its forms. A boutique event where art, music, comedy, and gastronomy are all waiting to take your breath away. Creators from across the globe and down the road assemble for a show that you’ll never forget.

I’ve taken a look at 3 of the top creators and distilled their creative approach to its core ideology.

Art: Ithaca

Ithaca aren’t your run of the mill artists. They try and create fun, interactive pieces in unconventional ways. They use a variety of different elements from music and video, to light and sound, to engage and delight.

Henley Festival will host their Whisper Trees, an installation of multi-coloured lights that respond to sound. It adapts different sounds into different lights. For each secret festival goers’ whisper into the tree, it creates a unique light show just for them.

Encouraging engagement through creativity and a personalised response are common talk among marketers. But we need to up our game if we want to spark a meaningful and lasting conversation.

Music: Goldie

A man of many talents, from acting to art, Goldie best known for his music. One of the pioneers of Britain’s early ‘90s rave scene. Like it or not, he is one the main players in making drum and bass a staple of British music. He bridged the gap between metal and electronic paving the way for many artists.

As a producer and DJ, his work has been able to unite vastly different demographics under a new banner. He was able to take core elements from different genres to create something new. A difficult task but he has achieved an impressive balance. A good take away if marketers hope to broaden their appeal.

Comedy: Paul Zenon

Magician come comedian Paul Zenon has a unique approach to performing. Proving himself capable of impressive magical performances, always accompanied by his trademark wit.

Combining his skills, Paul’s performances not only stun and amaze. They build familiarity and rapport. We all want our audience to be blown away by our offering. But we still need them to think we are accessible and approachable. An important lesson to put to work in all of your marketing materials.

Does your marketing deliver the best possible results? If you need help using creativity to engage your audience let me know. Breathe are more than happy to lend you a hand.