5 Secrets To Perfecting Your Business Card

There’s an old adage that “people buy from people”.

Your business card says a lot about you and your organisation. It acts as a miniature billboard in meetings with new clients and other associates. But of course, a business card also serves as a reminder to those you’ve met. It needs to be bold and memorable.

Top tips for an effective business card

Get the message and design right

This is top of the list. You need a designer to create the original card design. Then use this as a template for the rest of your staff.

Say what you do and give the recipient a reason to contact you. Make sure your card is easy to read. Use your space wisely, don’t cram the front full of information and leave the back blank. You may want a four or six-page gatefold but only go for it if you have a genuine need for the space.

Make it memorable

If done right, your business card is likely to stay in the hands of potential customers for months or even years. The better your card, the better impression you create. Poor quality cards find their way into the bin before too long.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but make sure you use an appropriate image for your audience. By all means, consider bold colours and unique typefaces, but trust an expert to do the job for you.

Don’t over-complicate it

Avoid the temptation to fill every corner of a card. Leave room to breathe. Designers have an obsession with white space, but there is logic behind the saying “less is more”. White space helps to place the important info centre stage and makes it easy to take on board at a glance.

How it feels to hold matters

To draw more attention to your card you might want to try making it feel a little different. Printers can add a finish to your card, like spot-UV or metallic inks.

A tactile element on your card makes holding it an experience (increasing the chance they’ll hold on to it). Be sure that it works with the design though, appearance is more important than touch.

Keep them neat

Dog-eared cards simply leave the wrong impression. Consider a cardholder to help keep cards in pristine condition.

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