Seven copywriting tips we can all learn from

7 Copywriting Tips

Today there is an ever increasing demand for quality content and a growing need for effective copywriting. Here are seven tips we can all learn from, written by some of the most renowned copywriters:

  • Simplify your content. Make your message clear and concise, so your target market understands your offer and benefits quickly.
  • Add more interest. Use your distinct personality or unique selling proposition.
  • Inject personality. Before publishing anything make sure it clearly demonstrates your brand personality.
  • Refine your headline. If you posted the headline and a phone number as a classified ad, would it generate enquiries?
  • Do more research. research is the infallible cure for writer’s block.
  • Tell a story. Everybody likes a story. Draw your readers into a world they want.
  • Make it visually appealing. If your copy doesn’t invite and entice the eye, no one will read it.

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