So what are the 7 Reasons to revisit your company branding?

A brand is all about promise, and ideally about promises delivered. Think of some top brands and we immediately know what they’re about: Apple, Ferrari, Marks & Spencer, the BBC…

Of course, in another sense, a brand is about design – a specific combination of colours, words, sounds, images and logo – that represents our organisation and what we offer to the market. Our brand is our business personality, and all that goes into it such as price, service and the customer experience.

And just like our own personality, our brand tends to evolve over time.

From coffee shops to car manufacturers, we all need a brand. It’s not dependent on size. Every business is unique and this individuality is the very reason that it’s important to develop and nurture our own company branding. Our brand is our story, so it needs to be interesting, relevant and compelling to customers; it needs to unfold.

Some things good company branding will do for our business

  • It delivers its message clearly
  • Confirms the credibility of that message
  • Makes an emotional connection with our audience
  • Motivates the buyer
  • Reinforces customer loyalty

Of course, new brands are not just for start-ups. Audiences evolve and brand messaging has to work in the context of today’s marketplace: this needs to be current, relevant and compelling. So, just like people, our brand occasionally needs a makeover.

Here are seven reasons why you might
need to create a new copmany brand for our business

  1. The business is new; it’s a start-up. We need to let the world know that we’re here and how to recognise us.
  2. We have a new product or product line that needs branding.
  3. We’re entering a new market… or new territory.
  4. The business has just been through a name change.
  5. It’s time to revitalise a brand that has grown tired.
  6. The business has too many diverse brands and we need to build in consistency and brand alignment.
  7. The company is merging or has just been acquired.

Our brand is shorthand for who we are as a business. Does yours make you feel great about your company? If not, it’s probably time for a refresh.