When should you think about a brand refresh?

There are many reasons why your Company should consider a brand refresh. New competitors, new disruptive technologies, and the current brand doesn’t fit your businesses vision, to name a few. A business that fails to adapt will falter.

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When to think about rebranding

The only constant is change

Changing social, technology, economic, environmental, political and ethical factors affect our market and competitive position. Your brand has to keep up and remain robust and relevant!

As your business model and offering evolve in this ever-changing world. Your brand can start to look tired and lack congruency with your business’s direction. Now is the point you should consider a rebrand or a brand refresh.

Your Company could find itself at the branding crossroads for many reasons. Here are some of the more common issues:

  • You need to re-position to achieve higher prices
  • Revitalise an outdated existing brand identity
  • Your identity doesn’t translate well to the new digital world
  • Name change
  • You need to change your brand due to a trademark conflict
  • Your current brand is losing out to the competition
  • Finding it difficult to recruit
  • Your brand isn’t consistent
  • When companies merge

Whatever your situation we can help you to develop a strong brand.

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If your brand is not standing out, it’s standing still!

A strong brand clearly communicates your points of difference between you and your competitors. It presents customers with an immediately recognisable, distinctive, professional image that they can trust and positions you for success.

A strong brand consistently expresses itself at every customer touch-point, from your business card to your website. As a result, it becomes intrinsic to your culture – a constant symbol of your core values and heritage.

The benefits of having a strong brand are tremendous.

  • Strong brands charge premium pricing
  • Thrive during economic downturns
  • Attract great employees, partners, clients and suppliers
  • Build brand equity and value on your balance sheet

More on why your business needs a brand refresh

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    How do you go about a Brand Refresh?

    Breathe Creative has a simple, intuitive branding process. Taking you step by step from research and strategy to brand delivery. Working with you along this journey of change. Asking the right questions and thoroughly researching what makes you unique. So we can communicate that through your brand. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. We are very experienced and are there for you every step of the way.

    Breathe Team+ protecting your investment

    Once we have created your new brand and launched to the market, we offer you our TEAM+ Brand Management Service to protect your investment.

    • Maximises the return on investment of your brand
    • Stop your brand marketing spend from being wasted
    • Creates marketing opportunities for your brand

    Find out more about Team+
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