The only constant in any business is change

The market has altered. Your competition has grown stronger. You have a new business or product idea to launch. Or your brand design is in need of a facelift…

Brand difference is a must to be seen and heard. It leads to better business and more customers, creating value for your brand. If your brand is not standing out, it’s standing still.

Any change can be unnerving, but also it can inspire and motivate, not just your employees but also your customers. We will guide you along this journey of change.

No matter how great your product or
service is, no-one will hear about it if you
don’t attract attention – it’s that simple.’
Richard Branson


We will help you align your brand with your business aims.

Research, Competitor Analysis, Discovery Workshops, Strategy, Brand Values, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Naming, Messaging, Brand Narrative.


We create a consistent look and feel that clearly differentiates you from your competition and is instantly recognised by your customers.

Brand Design, Brand Style, Visual Identity Blueprint, Brand Voice, Brand Management, Packaging Design, Brand Guidelines, Brand Portals.


We build your marketing assets and campaigns to tell the world about your business and why you are different. Online, offline, wherever the best place is to engage with your target audience.

Advertising, Digital Marketing, Website Design and Build, Literature, Direct Mail, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Exhibitions, Video and Animations, Infographics.


  • Our work will be on target, on budget and on time
  • We will challenge you to think differently about your business
  • Our creative solutions will deliver your business objectives
  • We are friendly, approachable and team players
  • We make sure we understand your brand, market and customers

Brand Design Agency Breathe Creative in Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire

We offer a risk-free guarantee