Hanovia PQ DrinkTec Campaign

Hanovia Testimonial

Delivering a campaign to attract your target audience is key. Campaign success comes down to the quality of the material being fresh, easy to read and with those key hooks to generate leads. Breathe helped us in setting up our global campaign to promote our Validated UV product called PureLine PQ and also to help push traffic to key exhibitions in China and Germany. The marketing mix included brochures, online advertising, emails and landing pages, video, a demonstration kiosk and exhibition stand. All were very professionally designed, keeping our brand image and message consistent but also being effective tools to generate leads. The 3 month campaign generated leads worldwide and helped us to connect to key customers. Breathe’s innovative design and experience made the campaign a success!

Gunvinder Bhogal
Marketing Manager
Hanovia UV

Working with Hanovia

The Hanovia Drinktec Exhibition was a big opportunity for them to capture new customers and gain brand recognition. We produced several items on and offline as well as the exhibition graphics themselves plus a demonstration video (see above). For a brief overview of the items produced please see below.

The emailer sold the benefits of PureLine PQ, had an offer for those that wanted to order one, mentioned the up and coming exhibition and pointed customers to the specially constructed landing page so they could register their interest and obtain for more information. The emailers and landing pages were produced in different languages.

Magazine adverts in various sizes aimed at the soft drinks industry showing the different sectors of the industry that Hanovia PureLine PQ can e applied to the advert also included a diagram detailing where Hanovia UV could be applied in the production process with a minimal amount of fuss re-engineering and cost. We also included a QR code for people to scan to get more information (it took them to the landing page mentioned above) and so Hanovia could build on their database.

An online animated advert was produced using simple to the point benefits of using Hanovia UV this lead to the landing page and again captured any interest parties details.

4. VIDEO (see above)
The video sold the benefits of the product to the manufacturer and the consumer, it also demonstrated how the system works using 3D animated graphics. This ran continuously at the exhibition

5. Exhibition
The exhibition panels covered the actual system the benefits of using it showing a diagram of how it could fit into the production process and also covered the Hanovia UV care after care service. The graphics were showed consumers using the finished products with confidence and also covered the kind of products manufacturers are likely to produce ie: milk yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, milkshakes, soft drinks, beer and so on…