The importance of having a brand narrative

With the rise of the internet that provides quick transactions, human contact has started to decrease. However, it is still important for every business to find strategies that can connect with audiences and drive engagement to further its growth. One way to achieve this is through a brand narrative.

A brand narrative is a vital foundation of an effective brand strategy.

It is the practise of telling the story behind your brand. It should be able to explain the existence of your brand as well as the values it promotes.

Creates a lasting impression

What makes a brand memorable is the story it conveys. By developing a narrative, you can give your company an identity and a different level of complexity. Companies tend to be more memorable if the story involves its audiences. A story that is crafted strategically – realises ambitions, fills in gaps and reach destinies – it can build memories that will remain in your audience’s mind for a long time.

Makes a personal connection with audiences

A story that effectively delivers its motives and promises has the ability to resonate with the audience. Once you know what your audience responds to, they will start to experience the humans behind your brand. They will then, picture themselves in your story and relate to you. Stories that resonate will not only motivate people to buy from your brand, they will also likely be repeat purchasers. Your brand will definitely benefit from the consumers who developed a sense of brand loyalty.

Provides genuineness

As stories come from personal accounts and influences, each story is unique. Relaying your narrative can help differentiate your company from your competitors. Allow your personal experiences to give a personal touch to your brand.

Piques audience’s interest

An effective way of getting your audience hooked is by telling a gripping story. Some companies utilise the approach of sending regular company updates. These don’t necessarily mean providing detailed information of everyday happenings; instead, it could be a simple weekly summary of what inspires your staff or the challenges they face regarding a particular project. When doing this, make sure that your updates are consistent and sent on a regular basis. Once you get people’s interest in following this narrative, they would want to see more of it.

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