Integrated communications with marketing impact

The importance of an integrated communications strategy cannot be underestimated. The average consumer sees up to 10,000 marketing communications every day! It is increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and attract attention. You need to target the RIGHT MARKET with the RIGHT MESSAGE through the RIGHT MEDIA.

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Integrated communications with real impact

How do you attract attention in your market?

As consumers, we tend to take notice of the brands we know and trust. So having a strong brand with a compelling value proposition is a huge advantage. This also helps when it comes to creating marketing communications that attract attention in your market.

Often marketing plans start with a certain media in mind – ‘I want a Facebook ad campaign’ – and the target market and message come second place. We believe this is the wrong way around:

  1. First, clearly define your marketing objective – what do you want to achieve?
  2. Speak to the right MARKET… Targeting your efforts on a clearly defined market segment as opposed to the broader market will reap rewards.
  3. Deliver the right MESSAGE… Now you know who you want to target, you can craft a relevant and meaningful message that appeals to them and delivers on your objective.
  4. Through the right MEDIA… Where does your target audience hang out? Online, offline or both? Choose the right media that will have the strongest reach and engagement with your target market.

Breathe offer a full service

  • Advertising online and offline
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing including email campaigns, SEO, social media
  • Website design and build including landing pages
  • Literature and collateral in print and electronic formats
  • Direct mail
  • Content marketing
  • Exhibitions
  • Video And Animations
  • Infographics

More on how integrated communications can benefit your business

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    Integrated communications case studies

    How do you create a compelling campaign?

    It all starts with a simple but attention grabing idea which we then express in different ways. This can then be communicated across all media, be it social ,email, web or print. Keeping all consistent and relevant to the media is an integral part of the process.

    Breathe Team+ protecting your investment

    Breathe offer an on-going brand communications support service called TEAM+ to protect your investment in your brand.

    • Provides support in creating impactful but consistent brand communications that truly resonate with your target clients.
    • TEAM+ provides ongoing brand management support to make sure your brand continues to deliver a high level of value and impact in the long term.
    • Creates marketing opportunities for your brand

    Find out more about Team+

    Design subscription service

    Need a compelling campaign? Give us a call t: 01491 575057