Why do I need a Brand Agency?

Why Do I Need a Strong Brand

To stand out

Today there are more communication channels than ever before, a good brand agency will help you keep your messages and style consistent. Competition is hot and getting hotter and standing out is getting harder. Your customers are bombarded with marketing messages online, offline and wherever the line decides to go next.

What does this all mean? It means that it is more important than ever for your business to cut through the noise and stand out in your market.

STAND OUT OR STAND STILL. No matter how great your product or service is, no-one will hear about it if you don’t ATTRACT ATTENTION – it’s that simple.
Sir Richard Branson

To attract attention

A brand agency will help you develop a strong brand. They do this through a process of insight, creation, development and management of your brand. Then they communicate your brand’s key points of difference to your target audience painting vivid pictures with compelling messages that attract attention.

To create clarity

It is vital for a brand agency to develop a deep understanding of what makes your business tick; your goals; your vision and mission; your objectives short term and long term; your values; your promises; why customers buy your products and services; how you communicate….

They also will need to gain a clear understanding of your market and the competitive landscape. It is important to analyse how your competitors are performing, their market share, strengths and weaknesses and how their brand stacks up against yours.

Once all this information and knowledge is gathered the brand agency will work with you to establish clarity and strategic direction for your brand.

To create consistency

The value of your brand comes through recognition and recognition comes from consistent application of every visible manifestation of your brand, at every ‘touch point’ that your customers experience. This is consistency of your brand image, your brand values and positioning, the messaging and tone of voice throughout your customer’s experience with your brand.

A brand agency will create a consistent brand image, values and competitive position for your brand. They will also develop brand management tools such as brand guidelines so that you can maintain brand consistency and protect your investment in your brand.

To create confidence

It is important for your brand to convey confidence. This is confidence that you will deliver on your brand promise. Confidence gives reassurance to the consumer that they have made the right choice.

The brand agency will create a compelling brand identity that presents customers with an immediately recognisable, distinctive professional image that they can trust and positions your business for success.

The brand agency will also build confidence in your brand by communicating the right message to the right audience via the right media at the right time. Building an emotional and logical connection with your brand online and offline.

To create value

Strong branding makes it easier for your Salesforce to sell because your customers have clarity about who you are; your strengths; your value proposition; what makes you different from your competition.

A strong brand also makes it easier for customers to buy as they have confidence that you will deliver on your brand promise.

Strong branding makes it easier to build brand value and brand equity as it gives consistency through increased recognition, awareness and customer loyalty.

The benefits of having a strong brand are tremendous. Strong brands charge premium pricing; they thrive during economic downturns; they attract great employees, partners and customers; and they can extend into new business areas with ease.

A brand agency will help you develop a strong brand.

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