Rebrand Meaning and Definition

According to Google’s definition, a rebrand is about changing a corporate image, like changing its name, trading name, colours that identify it and the logo.

Wikipedia goes a little deeper in the subject and lists the possible elements that will classify an activity as “rebranding”: new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity.

Breathe goes even more deeply into the definition: rebranding in this digital age should also include concepts of personal branding, not only corporate. Nowadays the personal and corporate brands fuse much more than ever before. Would you think of Apple without Steve? Who comes to mind when you think of Microsoft? These companies use brands to a deeper level.

What are the key reasons why companies brand or rebrand?

Rebrand Synonyms

change image

Rebrand or Re-Brand

Rebrand is the correct form. Brand comes from old German, akin to “burn” as in “burning an image on the wood”.

Rebrand Press Release

Many companies launch a press release when they rebrand. This is a big move to any company and news should be sent out to the World about it.

See the case of TowerData, STM and hundreds of thousands of other seen at the CISION PR NEWS.

Breathe Creative can help you not only with rebranding but also to promote this important moment in the life and history of your company by crafting and publishing a press release about it.

Rebrand Announcement

Rebrand announcement is the opposite to PR: companies announce rebrand before it happens, where PR is submitted to news sites after the brand has been modernized.

Announcing such an initiative is recommended and can increase awareness. Here is a cool guide of how to do this properly:
More companies should announce rebranding before it happens, and it is interesting to see that many don’t.

Rebrand Yourself

Personal branding at one level is marketing yourself as a brand but could be just how you position yourself on your CV. How far you want to take it really depends on what your goals are and the reasons behind wanting to establish your personal brand.

We all constantly experience change in our lives. We can change ourselves as people and the people around us can change. Technology, politics, the economy and our environment are all changing. Sometimes it is good to rebrand ourselves every now and then to realign with our goals.

With the ever-growing world of social media we are all personally more visible to the world at large. It is very important to think about your personal brand image when promoting your personal brand through the videos you post on Youtube and Facebook, your Tweets and Instagram posts and also more traditional media like books and speeches

Personal branding can involve applying our name to a product or organisation. Richard Branson is synonymous with the Virgin brand and he works hard on his personal brand to leverage awareness of his Virgin businesses. Kim Kardashian has a strong personal brand and she uses her influence to endorse products and services to drive sales.