Does your brand accurately reflect
your business?…


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Rebranding test

Does your brand accurately reflect your business? How do you know when the time has come to consider rebranding?

Listed below are 16 common indicators that your brand is working against you rather than for you.Just tick all the boxes that apply.

1 Has your target market changed significantly?
2 Are you launching new products or services?
3 Does your brand align with your vision for your business?
4 Are you losing market share?
5 Is your brand inconsistent?
6 Have your competition recently rebranded?
7 Has the growth of your business slowed or stopped?
8 Does your visual brand look tired compared to your competitors?
9 Do you think twice about handing out your business card?
10 Have new competitors entered your market?
11 Are you finding it difficult to generate new business leads?
12 Are you struggling to recruit top talent?
13 Has your business changed since you introduced your current branding?
14 Is it difficult to differentiate your business from your competitors?
15 Do you have trouble clearly communicating your brand story?
16 Are you feeling somewhat stuck as to how to take your business to the next level?

Out of 16 you scored =

If you ticked two or more boxes this is a good indication that you need to review your brand and consider rebranding.


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