The Benefits of Having Good Packaging Design

While many manufacturers think that product and performance are the most important aspects of their brand, many don’t know that packaging can play a vital role in your product sales. It’s simple: humans are far more attracted to beauty than functionality. Taking this into account, the aesthetics of your product’s packaging becomes almost as important as the product itself. Here’s how having great packaging design can boost your business:

It raises brand visibility and customer interest.

Having creative brand packaging design gives your product what we call “shelf presence.” Great packaging is attractive and stands out from competitors, urging customers who pass by to pick your brand over theirs. Your packaging also communicates necessary information about the company: from brand message to contact information. By giving a great first impression, you ensure that your audience receives your brand message loud and clear.

It helps define your brand identity.

Good packaging should make clear what kind of brand you are. While packaging is responsible for your product’s first impression, it also needs to consistently reflect your brand’s identity. For example, if you’re an all-natural organics brand, your packaging should utilise earthy colours and eco-friendly packaging to stay in line with your brand identity. This consistency helps your brand be more memorable to the public, and the easy recognition will encourage consumer loyalty to your brand, increasing sales in the long-term.

It protects your product.

While the aesthetics of your brand’s packaging design should be a focal point, great functionality definitely counts too. It’s vitally important that customers receive well-packaged products, as products not packaged well are perceived as cheap and inferior, and worse, may turn into a customer service nightmare. Great product packaging should fulfil the basic requirement of protecting your product without sacrificing anything aesthetically, allowing your customers to feel like you’ve taken special care to ensure that they receive only the best quality items from your brand.

In summary, good packaging design is more than just placing your products in a box, it’s forging a connection between your brand and the consumer, that when done well, can skyrocket your brand to the top.

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