Top Web Design Trends In 2019

In the digital age, we are in, it’s no surprise that web design trends have to constantly cope with different technical advancements. Web designers from creative marketing agencies have to create pages that are beautiful, user-friendly, innovative, and adaptable to every device available. If you are looking to refresh the look of your website this New Year, here are some design trends that will be popular this 2019.

1. Mobile-first

A lot of people these days use their mobile phones to search for information and to purchase from online shops. In fact, mobile browsing has already surpassed desktop usage within the last few years. To adapt to this change, websites must roll out a design that can fit in the tiny screens of mobile devices. In order to establish this, you need to minimise the menus and ditch the large, high-resolution photos for smaller icons. This way, people will find it easier to browse your website.

2. Video background

Having a dynamic video background on your website can catch the attention of the person browsing. When compared to still images and static texts, videos are an effective way to create a vibe, set a tone and quickly explain the characteristics of the company and the products offered. Videos can also increase user time on the page, which is beneficial for SEO purposes and conversion rates. However, make sure that you choose the right content to avoid hurting the overall design and experience of your website.

3. Micro-animations

Another noticeable trend this year is micro-animations. These small animations can enhance and enrich your interface by changing the colour of a button when you put the cursor over it or when a menu expands when you click on a picture of a product. Like video backgrounds, this can also help improve user retention and attention because of the movements that are present when you navigate the site. Animations can create focus and give your design more character.

4. Creative Typography

Typography is a powerful visual tool that can create personality whilst conveying important information. Along with the colours and images, creative typography can express emotions, which is vital in creating visual hierarchy. The trend of using large letters as headers can create an impact on the scanning eyes of readers.

5. Minimalism

A classic and timeless web design, minimalism will still be popular this year. This strategy simplifies interfaces by reducing unnecessary elements and content. With the short attention span of people nowadays, having a minimalist web design will be useful to deliver your brand message faster and without much clutter.

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