Using Brain Science To Boost Your Marketing

Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system. With real-life Vulcan mind melds revealing our brain’s GPS, it doesn’t seem like the most accessible of fields. You’ll be pleased to know this science has more practical applications that can be applied to your marketing.

Neuromarketing applies neuroscience to measure how customers subconsciously respond to marketing. Published data provides a few psychological tricks to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

They reveal the eye direction is a powerful feature in the design. How we look across a graphic affects our attitude towards it.

We see time in the direction we write. Cultures that write left to right, perceive time in the same way. To show something is newer and better, place it on the right of the graphics. Contrast it with an older or lesser version on the left. This will create the perception in the viewer’s eyes before they even know what they’re looking at.

Neuroscience creates subconscious reactions marketing can exploit

Orientating designs and logos creates subconscious reactions. Orienting a logo diagonally will imply upward motion, this suggests activeness and energy. Orienting downward has the opposite effect. Appealing more to our passive side. This is particularly useful for sports brands like Nike, who’s logo suggests an activity.

Top-down and bottom-up, are the final options. Top-down draws our eyes to the top, making us look down to the rest. It establishes memories. Used on reoccurring graphics it builds a connection.

Bottom-up draws us to the bottom before letting us drift up. The top needs to be simple to stop it detracting from the bottom. This has a more direct effect, good for short term adverts.

Use of direction to influence your audience is a subtle way to set the tone, with spectacular results.