Using your marketing campaign to tell the world about your business

Having a fancy website and great branding isn’t enough to tell the world about your business. It’s important to have a proactive marketing campaign which will take your company directly to your target audience.

So what is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is essentially a communication plan, active across different social media to reach measurable outcomes.

So how do you create one?


When making a marketing plan it is important to set SMART goals, ensuring they are;

S – specific
M – measurable
A – achievable
R – relevant
T – time-based

Each marketing campaign might only have one or two goals but if those goals are specific and achievable the campaign will be successful.

Then a strategy needs to be devised on how to achieve each of these campaign goals. The strategy is a set of specific actions and tasks which will contribute to achieving the main goals.

Using your marketing campaign to tell the world about your business

As SMART goals also have a time element, it should be possible to check the campaign’s progress throughout its duration.

However, a successful marketing campaign is only as good as the SMART goals.

Measuring Success

Vague goals such as “I want to build brand awareness” or “Increasing sales” are fine but what exactly do these mean?

How will you measure ‘brand awareness’ and what level of ‘increase’ are you hoping for? One extra person knowing about your brand is ‘building awareness’ as is one extra sale, but is one enough?

A measurable goal such as “increasing sales by 25% by December 31” is much clearer. To reach this target, there could be smaller targets throughout the campaign. These could include, for example, “July promotion should achieve a 2% increase in sales.”

Key Issues

However, no campaign will be successful if the audience targeted is not right for your business. Know who you are hoping to attract and what their drives and motivations are.

Once the key audience has been identified it is important to use the correct approach, products and media channels to target them.

All social media is not equal in the eyes of a potential customer so target carefully – for example, if your target client is 15-18 years old then LinkedIn is not going to be the right platform to approach them.


A timeline will improve your marketing campaign no end – “until we reach the goals” is not the best approach as if a campaign goes on too long it gets stale.

And if it is not reaching the goal it is clearly not effective and a new approach needs to be considered.

A good marketing campaign is not for the faint hearted as it takes a lot of preparation, knowledge and perseverance.

This is why the professionals here at BreatheCreative can be hired to manage your marketing campaigns. We have the skills and the know-how to make your SMART goals achievable and to reach your target audience.