Video is important. YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Video forms a personal link between customers & brand.

Every business needs to embrace the advantages that video offer. Video is becoming important in any social media strategy. With YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine you need to ensure your video descriptions and keywords are properly optimised to get found. Create valuable, entertaining content and new customers will find you.

See this promotional video for Asphalt Reinforcement Services using CGI animation. The video illustrates the problems of reflective cracking on our roads and how their GlasGrid product solves the problem to help keep the UK’s road infrastructure running.

The third in a series of videos for Asphalt Reinforcement Services, this video again uses CGI animation to communicate the benefits of their solution to reflective cracking but also introduces their new Surface Dressing offering.

Hanovia are world leaders in providing UV disinfection solutions to industry. Untreated ballast water from shipping has become a massive international problem. Hanovia partnered with Wartsila to provide a world-class solution to this problem. This video tells their story.

When Hanovia wanted to launch their new product UVEO they asked us to create the international campaign. We used video at the core of the campaign to explain how water quality in industry is vital and how UVEO provides ultimate disinfection with optimum running costs. wanted to explain clearly how their online sales talent assessments helped businesses to optimise their sales talent to create wealth and drive up sales revenue. We used a simple animation to explain the concept and benefits.

Second short animated video for explaining why big data sales talent analytics brings a big uplift to your firm’s wealth.