What The Last Decade of Marketing Brought Us (And What To Expect For The Next)

The last decade of marketing has taught us that the only constant is change. This has never been truer than now. Let’s take a look at the main changes that have occurred and try to predict what might happen over the next 10 years.

The decade of digital marketing

Digital from zero to hero

In 2010 digital marketing was in its infancy. Over the next 10 years, it was to cement its position as one of the core elements in the marketing mix. Gradually websites, social media, and SEO have become essential tools to stay competitive in our markets and to maintain customer engagement.

Marketing costs steadily rose

Marketing budgets have steadily risen over the last decade of marketing as digital media has taken hold. Promoting your business via Google Ads, Facebook, SEO, content marketing and traditional media as well require much more budget than previously.

The growing necessity to be authentic

With everything today at our fingertips, the most engaging characteristic a business can have is authenticity. People want the same connection with businesses they’ve always had and while the digital world has brought speed and convenience to purchasing it’s removed the personal touch.

Consistency. The key to brand success

With the increased number of touchpoints over the last decade of marketing, everything from websites to social media has become the image and voice of your brand. So the need for a consistent brand presence is more important than ever.

What changes will the next decade bring?

10 years is a long time in our industry and it’s difficult to say for certain what the future holds. But looking back may reveal some clues as to future trends. Here are some of Breathe’s marketing predictions for the 2020s.

Branding will need to say more than ever

As customers become more informed and wearier of the marketer’s messages, we’ll see a shift in buying habits. With everything you could want just a few clicks away, convenience will be a far less powerful motivator. Authentic brands that represent ideals the customer wants will become the most powerful factor in the buying decision.

Increased integration will make the lines between marketing channels seamless

As tech becomes more and more integrated with our lives we’ll see a continued increase in integrated marketing. It’s already started in the digital world with location-based marketing, target ads, and data from one platform being used to show relevant ads on another. But it won’t end there. The bigger role technology takes in our lives the more opportunities it will create for marketers to connect with the right people.

Quality and niche optimisation will win out over quantity and mass appeal

Businesses that focus on quality and optimising their marketing will flourish over the next 10 years. The increased cost from digital means that targeting your budget at specific audiences will be the key to success.

Businesses that connect the best with their audience will flourish

Connecting with your audience in the digital age is a game-changer. Social media is a powerful tool that will become a divider in the next decade. Those who use it well will forge connections with their customers and those who don’t will struggle to keep up with their competitors.

Whatever the next decade may bring, we all want to be ready for it. Invest the time and money your brand and marketing need now and make the next 10 years the most successful your business has ever had.

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