Why are Recruitment Agencies Rebranding in 2018

The first shift was small and gradual- Ipswitch Recruitment became Rubix M&E, World Careers Network (WCN) turned into Oleeo, and it kept happening. Established companies with familiar names kept changing. GradWeb became Amberjack, while Six Degrees, Sonovate, and Tiger Recruitment jumped on the rename bandwagon as well. Orchard followed suit, after 25 years in operation.

All of these companies have embraced change and rebranded their image in the market today. But why the sudden interest in Rebranding?

What’s With The Rebranding Bandwagon?

Many recruitment agencies are investing time and money to acquire new clients in medium to large-sized companies, with fifty employees or more. Companies feel the need to rebrand since they have shifted their target market to customers who require different services and their brand needs to align with this change in position. Branding strategies are aimed entirely towards a specific demographic or a particular type of audience.

Rebranding reflects changes in the long-term objectives and aspirations of a company.

Some companies may opt for a complete makeover, including internal and external organizational restructuring as well as a completely new name and identity, but most rebranding involves more incremental change such as updating the visual image.

Not all companies need to rebrand completely. Most increase their value perception through changes to their brand image that highlight the business’s personality while maintaining the existing equity in the brand.

Should You Be On Or Off The Wagon?

Directors and VPs running big companies have relatively predictable patterns. They will always search for the best quality service offered, choosing service providers that will not fail them. While this might seem oddly simple, many companies providing services to other companies tend to only focus on receiving monetary benefits. But, companies, like consumers, want added value and results.

Mistakes made in the B2C markets can spill over into the B2B market. B2C companies understand that, consumers are looking for products that offer them the highest possible utility for the price that they pay. In the same way, B2B firms have to realize that it is imperative for them to think like a big company, and make their clients an offer they want and expect, not what they already have.

Ask yourself, ‘what will I need from a recruitment agency? What will I look for?’, if you were trying to execute a project and deliver significant results.

Walking A Mile In A Big Business’ Shoes

Directors and VPs have consistently ranked efficient functionality and agency size as their top requirements. They want their work done; and done well. The expense is not a primary consideration to astute directors, as they know that in the long term good projects will recover costs beyond the initial investment.

Due to the nature of the expectations from a recruitment agency, top-level authority remains concerned with size when choosing. They need to know project deadlines will be met, even in critical conditions. The size of big-businesses provides no buffer for delayed project deliveries; which increases their need for assurance.

In the 21st century, companies have begun shifting towards quality and are willing to pay more for premium services.

Understanding Pay-Offs

The times of cutting corners and compromising on quality for cheaper alternatives are long gone. Businesses understand that long-term investments pay off, even if they are initially expensive. That expense comes back to them as their ROI (Return on Investment). Effectively implemented projects can generate a positive, recurring cash-flow if executed with the required expertise.

Breathe Creative, an innovative marketing company has put together a market research led rebranding program for recruitment agencies that want to attract big clients, and they do that by giving your business a more significant and robust look. By incorporating your client’s service expectations into your company’s offered value proposition; Breathe Creative shapes your look to fit the audience that you want.

A logo-type or website does not create a brand; your designer won’t be able to do what we do. It’s not about the ergonomics of rebranding; it’s about its core purpose. Breathe Creative can structure rebranding strategies through isolation of the core identity from its diversifications. Integrating a business’ core identity helps develop a concept tied to the emotional beliefs of the people running the company- giving it a more human element, which makes it more innovative and purchase-worthy.

We will make sure your rebranding strategy is compatible and functional for every platform, regarding, content, purpose, and aesthetics -including email footers, roller banners, and social media headers through answering a variety of questions. These questions will address essential avenues such as; what the content focus will be, how the end user experience should be, is your brand conveying a solid image, and does it cover all the bases with an exceptional eye for detail?

A well-established recruiter backed by a specially developed brand, customized to the needs of its target market, poses a dangerous threat to the marketing realm.

Recent Advancements In The Recruitment Agency Market

Recruitment companies need to sell to bigger companies because we hear many Vice-Presidents and C-level executives talking about the need to diversify their recruitment suppliers.

Many are unable to find agencies they can trust with their events and office hiring requirements. There is still ample room in the market for new-comers.

Why Hire More Than One Recruitment Agency?

It means big businesses will hire different companies for their events, office, financial and IT new hires in 2019. Recruitment agencies offering the best, most appropriate services are collaborated with, to cater to each department individually.

Centralizing all business operations creates a load on a company’s cash flow. Diversifying or outsourcing can help manage budgets and even balance numbers. Additionally, outsourcing helps reduce risk. Hiring different companies throughout the year makes it easier to manage the risk of delaying hiring processes due to a lack of suitable suppliers.

Considerations For Recruiting Recruitment Agencies

Companies are looking for recruitment agencies with enough work-force to handle the workload and generate results. The risk of delaying the hire of a new sales-person, or the cost of not having a senior presale professional is too high, and big businesses don’t want to be in bed with single-handed companies, more famously known as, “one-man” bands.”

You and I know that our image sends a message. After all, first impressions can be the last. Look at your logo and brand, and ask yourselves these questions:

What message does your email footer send at the moment? Does your logo send a positive message about your business acumen? Are you looking for bigger companies as clients? What does their custom mean to you in financial terms?

If you cannot answer these questions with clarity through your image and brand, you are probably losing a lot of revenue in the form of lost sales. How can you check whether your brand is adequate to recruit big companies? Request a free brand assessment.

Thinking Of A Rebrand?

Try not to jump right into a rebranding process, ask for a brand assessment first or get recommendations.

Maybe you don’t need a complete rebrand, and perhaps you do. “Zero risks, only benefits,” is the promise Breathe Creative makes.

It’s never too late to change course and set forth on a higher path that will undoubtedly lead your business into the new age. Breathe Creative is available until the 31st of January to assess your brand for free! After that, we’re going to be busy shaping the landscape of Market 2.0, one rebrand at a time. See you there!