Your Brand is Your Promise

When your company sets out to build a Brand you are creating your promise to your customers of what’s on offer. Brand is fundamental to business success, because having built the promise, good delivery then reinforces that Brand and customer loyalty begins.

As a result, the look and feel of collateral that carries the Brand is also important. Because customers judge every interaction with your company against the promise, or expectation. They will decide very quickly whether your business lives up to its brand promise or not and act accordingly.

Successful Brands stand for something – the something is the special quality that differentiates your business from everyone else in your business space. Weak Brands deliver little or no meaning or differentiation and suffer because of this.

When building your business, start by understanding the value you are offering to your customers. Together with what makes your offering different to everybody else’s; and use that as the starting point for developing your Brand.

Two secrets to Brand success:

  1. Ensure your Brand gets your special message across at every customer interaction
  2. Live up to your Brand message/promise

If you can do those two things – you will have loyal and happy customers – and we all know what that means! A successful business!

(Article kindly provided by Andrew Dugdale – Director of Sales

The Sales Assessment Branding and collateral were designed by Breathe Marketing.

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